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Case management: an operational approach

 Line of Knowledge: Cares
 Author: García, A., Iturburu, M., Olano, A., Etxaniz N.
Portada publicación: Case management: an operational approach

Technical document that sets out a flexible proposal for case management in the context of primary care social services, developed within the INCARE pilot project.

In a synthetic and illustrated way, we will see aspects that explore the roles and competences of a figure that is gaining relevance in the health and social spheres, and that can be key in the coordination of care services.

The InCARE project (Supporting Inclusive development of community-based long-term CARE services through multi-stakeholder participatory approaches), co-funded by the European Union, aims to contribute to the design of a coordinated approach to the development of national long-term care policy and care services at local and regional level, through the establishment of socially innovative and participatory decision-making processes.