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Reflections on the road: when ageing becomes an opportunity for everyone

17/06/2019 to 19/06/2019
 Type: Course
 Line of Knowledge: Promoting Healthy Ageing
 Location: Donostia-San Sebastián

This summer course aims to reflect on ageing, one of the most important challenges facing our society, with an emphasis on the opportunities that can arise if we address the challenge correctly. To this end, it will bring together professionals from various disciplines, ranging from sociology to technology, including the field of health. In addition to acquiring knowledge during the course, the aim is to encourage debate, both in the sessions and on the walking routes that will take place in the morning.


  • Reflect on the opportunities that arise in the social, health, technological and economic spheres in the face of demographic evolution.
  • To exchange opinions between different professionals and specialists in the face of demographic evolution, assessing the repercussions in the coming decades.
  • Encourage the implementation of activities aimed at promoting healthy ageing and improving the quality of life of the population, such as physical activity and activities that facilitate the socialisation of people.
  • To visit some of the most beautiful places in the Basque Country.


Mayte Sancho
Mayte Sancho Expert in gerontological planning