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DCUM - Dementia in Cultural Mediation


 Principal investigator:
Álvaro García
Cristina Buiza, Penélope Castejón

At the end of 2019, the 'Dementia in Cultural Mediation' project was launched in Odense (Denmark), an initiative within the framework of the European Erasmus + programme, which seeks to gather information about the different artistic and cultural activities involving people with dementia in four EU countries: Denmark, Belgium, Holland and Spain. 


The project is based on the idea that the use of culture and cultural activities can be a good approach to promoting the social inclusion of people with dementia in their immediate environment. Cultural activities provide an excellent framework for the generation of social networks that have in common literature, art, creativity and culture, increasing the joy of life and the perception of social inclusion for people who participate in these types of activities.

To achieve this, DCUM seeks to improve the competencies and skills of cultural mediators who work with or have a relationship with cultural institutions (such as libraries, museums and social organisations) where there is interest in organising cultural activities adapted to people living with dementia. 

In addition to the partners, the project will establish a European reference group composed of highly recognised experts in the fields of dementia and culture in each participating country, as well as representatives of the end users, such as: teachers, informal carers, activity coordinators and dementia advisors, etc.

Throughout the project a series of meetings will take place in which the partners exchange activities, tools, ideas... which will facilitate the generation of an easily accessible toolkit, which will collect good practices, not only for the participating partners but for all the organisations and cultural mediators interested in new practical methods for cultural mediation for people with dementia. This "Toolkit" will consist of presentations and instructional videos and images, as well as guidelines to support the use of each method.

You can download a brochure briefly describing this project here.


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