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SEE ME - Social inclusion through meaningful ageing


 Principal investigator:
Sara Marsillas
Sara Marsillas, Álvaro García y Erkuden Aldaz

SEE ME is an Erasmus + KA2 project which, through the development of a model and a set of training tools, aims to improve the quality of care and social inclusion of older people.

The population in Europe is ageing and the number of older people is growing. Consequently, projections predict an increase in care needs. The literature points to two main challenges. First, older people with care needs are susceptible to social exclusion, especially those with a migration background or in precarious economic situations. Second, professional care focuses on the medical and physical aspects of care, from a deficit approach, looking at what older people can no longer do. However, many caregivers are convinced that an innovative paradigm shift is needed towards a positive approach (looking at the dreams and talents of older adults) and towards caring for social and meaning needs.

Concretely, to achieve these innovative goals, the SEE ME project will develop new learning and training materials for carers (informal and formal), volunteers and caregiver trainers.

Project aims

This project aims to increase the competences of different groups of carers (volunteers, non-professional and formal carers) and carer trainers in order to provide quality care to older people with a focus on social inclusion through meaningful ageing. Carers' competences need to be innovated to "SEE" older people:

  • SEE the person behind the patient,
  • SEE care as more than physical and medical care, and SEE social and meaningful care,
  • SEE the positive talents and dreams of older adults, not just their needs.


March, 2022 - April, 2022 - May, 2022 - November, 2022 - December, 2022 - March, 2023 - April, 2023


The project will develop new learning and training materials for caregivers (non-professional and professional), volunteers and caregiver trainers that will aim to increase awareness and competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) in:

  • How to care beyond the medical-physical paradigm.
  • Social and significant needs of older people receiving care.
  • Starting to care from the dreams and talents of older adults.


The SEE ME team is the result of a multidisciplinary international consortium consisting of the following entities:

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium), the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands), the University of Molise (Italy), Büro für berufliche Bildungsplanung (Germany), Instituto Gerontológico Matia (Spain) and Stichting Leerstoel Bevordering Active Ageing (The Netherlands).

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2020 to 2023

Project status



Erkuden Aldaz
Erkuden Aldaz Co-director - Researcher
Sara Marsillas
Sara Marsillas Researcher

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