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Accompanying from the talent. "Keys to adopting a new approach to the person in care".

 Type: Conference
 Line of Knowledge: Planning and models of care

Presentation event of SEE ME ("Look at me"), an Erasmus + KA2 project in which a training toolkit has been developed with the aim of contributing to the improvement of care and social inclusion of older people by addressing their social and meaning needs, talents and dreams.

This toolkit has been co-designed in an iterative process with carers, volunteers and the organisations that make up the project consortium.

This project aims to increase the competences of different groups of carers (volunteers, non-professional and formal carers) and carers' trainers in order to provide quality care to older people with a focus on social inclusion through meaningful ageing.

Carers' competences must be innovated to "SEE" older people:

  • SEE the person behind the patient
  • SEE care as more than physical and medical care
  • SEE social and meaningful care
  • SEE the positive talents and dreams of older adults, not just their needs.

This event will introduce and experience some of these tools as well as the experience of testing them. The aim is to show participants how to use these tools and where to find them.

The event will take place at the Junta Municipal de Distrito de Retiro (Plaza de Daoíz y Velarde, 2, Madrid), starting at 9:30 am. Nearest metro stations: Pacífico / Menéndez Pelayo. 

Limited capacity, so please register using the registration form.

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