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Letter First, people: Caring how we would like to be cared for

 Line of Knowledge: Planning and models of care

The letter First, people: Caring as we would like to be cared for is the result of an extensive process of participatory action research, led by the “la Caixa” Social Project, which presents opinions, perceptions and social representations of care and dependency in the area of ageing. To this end, there have been a series of actions, coordinated and complementary to each other, using different methodological approaches: 

  • The qualitative study Care in relations of dependency, which has sought to identify how people involved in relationships of dependency want to care and be cared for, from the testimonies collected in various discussion and triangular groups. 
  • A quantitative study through an online questionnaire to professionals and citizens about their opinions regarding the responsibilities in the care processes. 4,784 responses were obtained. 
  • In-depth interviews with leading experts in care linked to various disciplinary, academic, associative and professional fields.