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Living positively

 Author: Yanguas, J., Diaz –Veiga, P., García, A., Galdona, N., Sancho, M.
Mujeres abrazadas

"Living positively" is the second of the three itineraries of "Living well, feeling better", a program that aims to help the elderly to develop a life project that favors their personal wellbeing. To this end, a set of knowledge, strategies, techniques and psycho-emotional skills that contribute to build a full life according to the values, desires and needs of each person are proposed.

The sessions that correspond to this itinerary address the skills needed to identify the opportunities offered by everyday life and generate benefits in people: positive emotions, personal enrichment, discovery of concerns... Through the participatory analysis of the members of the group, the identification and personal reflection of the strengths that each person has to enjoy daily life is promoted, overcoming negative situations and making the most of the positive ones.

The contents of this itinerary are divided into four thematic areas:

  1. "Living positively", in which the itinerary is presented, and two main issues are addressed: the positive aspects linked to aging and the importance of the time perspective.
  2. "Psychological strengths", shows relevant personal resources to favor the identification of the possibilities for personal development offered by the environments where daily life takes place (curiosity and wisdom), and the strengths that contribute significantly to generate resources to face and adapt to difficult situations or events (courage and perseverance).
  3. "Feeling good...", it incorporates complex situations in the field of interpersonal relationships that can generate discomfort if not effectively confronted and resolved, and addresses strategies in relation to emotional well-being.
  4. "My future in positive", proposes the importance of a positive outlook on life in order to face and overcome setbacks effectively and to optimize the effects of situations that enhance positive emotions, as well as trying to conclude the itinerary with a compilation of the defining elements of the same.

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