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Living the way I want

 Author: Diaz – Veiga, P., Yanguas, J., García, A., Galdona, N., Sancho, M.
Un hombre mayor sentado en una silla se toma una taza de café en el jardín de su casa

"Living the way I want", is the title of the first of the three itineraries of "Living well, feeling better", a program that aims to help the elderly to develop a life project that favors their personal wellbeing. To this end, a set of knowledge, strategies, techniques and psycho-emotional skills that contribute to building a full life according to the values, desires and needs of each person is proposed.

The contents of the itinerary "Living as I want" are configured in seven thematic areas:

  1. "My Motivations", addresses the need to learn and improve throughout life, based on what motivates people and keeps them connected to life.
  2. "Control of my life", refers to the ability to exercise control over one's own life, so that people have the life they want, being active agents of it. 
  3. "Planning and managing my time", analyzes the value of time, offering strategies for its organization and guidelines for harmonizing one's own time with the time dedicated to others. 
  4. "Making decisions", raises the relevance of planning for the future by making timely decisions that facilitate a life in accordance with personal values and preferences, or how to address decisions regarding care associated with situations of dependency.
  5. "Thinking Positive," addresses the ability of people to identify and value the possibilities of everyday events in a constructive and optimistic way. It also deals with the importance of gratitude and its impact on well-being.
  6.  "My relationships", focuses on the analysis of the importance of relationships with other people to feel good, as well as to promote personal growth and development.
  7.  "Giving permission" encourages participants to "self-recognize" their desire for change and identify their possibilities to carry it out based on the lessons learned in the itinerary.

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