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Democratisation of Care Conference

01/04/2022 to 02/04/2022
 Type: Conference
 Line of Knowledge: Planning and models of care
 Location: Hernani

Our current way of organising care work does not meet social needs. At present, the system does not have the capacity to guarantee the well-being of many sections of the population and the data predict a worsening of the situation in the coming years, unless we organise care in a different way. The ageing of the population, the increase in the dependency rate, the massive incorporation of women into the labour market, the spread of different family models, such as the formation of smaller and smaller families, and especially the development of neoliberal policies have had a major impact on the ways in which care is organised. For this reason, and because no public resources have been made available to deal with these situations, feminist groups and theorists have been talking about the care crisis for some time now.

Emagin Elkartea is organising an interesting conference in Hernani to reflect on the way forward to guarantee the collective right to care from a feminist perspective. 


Friday, 1st April.

17:00 Welcome.

17:30 Care at the centre. What are we talking about? Naia Torrealdai Euskal Herriko Bilgune Feminista.

18:30 Towards the democratisation of care. Presentation of the diagnosis of Beterri-Buruntzaldea.

19:15 What have we advanced? Maitelan, Public Community Care Network, Hernani for good treatment.

Saturday, 2nd April.

10:00 Round table:

  • Radars Barcelona. Anna Rovira.
  • Ecosystems of care. Maider Azurmendi. Matia.
  • Undomesticated workers. Liz Quintana/ Txefi Roco. 
  • Villages that care. Roser Casanovas. Punt6 Collective. Barcelona.

12:30 Debate. New steps towards the democratisation of care.


Maider Azurmendi Director of Home and Community Care