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SEE ME Training Manual

 Line of Knowledge: Planning and models of care
 Author: Consorcio SEE ME
Portada manual SEE ME

The SEE ME project aims to improve the quality of care and social inclusion of older people through training that aims to help older citizens see their talents and strengths.

This guide, which brings together several training tools organised in modules, was developed from the research report on improving the skills and competences of carers through "the vision or perception of the social and meaning needs, talents and ideals of older people" and the "Training model for SEE ME".

The training manual consists of five 3-hour modules, each with several compulsory exercises and several alternatives to choose from. The first module starts with an introduction and the following three modules go incrementally deeper into the recognition of needs and the strengthening of personal competences until the fifth module on the sustainability of actions and organisational change.

The training is not only designed for professionals in residential and community care organisations, but also for non-professional carers, family members and volunteers.