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Training programme for quality living at home

 Line of Knowledge: Planning and models of care
 Author: QAVAD consortium
Portada publicación: Programa formativo para una vida de calidad en el domicilio

Quality of life is partly related to the possibilities for people to participate in decisions that affect them, both individually and collectively. Thus, for older people, quality of life is linked to the possibility to express themselves, especially with regard to their living environment, their care plan and their personal activities. Quality of life thus affirms the right to free choice, consent and access to all information concerning the individual. The person is a subject of rights who has the right to express himself at the level of his own person, of the groups in which he participates, of the institution and of society.

The QAVAD project, financed by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union, proposes to focus on the quality of life of older people at home, promoting the necessary support to maintain their autonomy, supporting also the caregivers at home, both family and professionals, as well as the coordination of the actors involved in the care.

Among the products developed in the framework of this project we have this "Training programme for a quality life at home" with a total of 8 modules designed for the training of professional carers from a person-centred care approach.