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Towards an inclusive society with dementia: An art?

 Line of Knowledge: Cares
 Author: Constant, O., Verschraegen, J., Dely H., García A., Buiza, C., Marsillas, S., Rodeyns, J., Verbeke, A., De Backer, F., Brandt, C., Geisler, K., Wraae, F., Snijder, A., van de Kamp, S.
Portada publicación: Hacia una sociedad inclusiva con la demencia. ¿Un arte?

Publication resulting from the project "Dementia in Cultural Mediation" which offers a set of reflections and recommendations for organizing cultural activities for people with dementia and their formal and informal caregivers. This work also aims to inform society about the work and lessons learned during the development of this project, and to reach the most relevant actors in the field, providing them with an inspiring guide to build a sustainable offer of cultural approach to dementia within their organization, city or country.

The report is divided into the following eight chapters:

1.- Introduction. 

This chapter provides a brief description of the mission of the project, the main outcome, the objectives of this publication and the target groups.

2.- Dementia why a person-centered vision is needed.

This chapter explores the key facts and figures about dementia and the sense of urgency to make a shift from a unilateral medical approach to non-pharmaceutical interventions from a validation perspective.

The impact of art and culture on people with dementia.

This chapter provides an overview of the impact of different cultural activities in the fields of literature, visual arts, dance, theater and music, based on scientific research and experiences of existing initiatives.

4.- Building bridges between art, culture and dementia

This chapter describes the challenges and opportunities to build a broad and diverse cultural offer adapted to the different needs and abilities of people with dementia at micro, meso and macro levels.

5.- How to enthuse a local community

This chapter provides tips and tricks for engaging local residents in building a dementia-inclusive community. Art and cultural activities can play an important role in achieving this.

6.- The DCUM Platform

This chapter navigates through the online resources 'Dementia in Cultural Mediation' and takes a closer look at the transferability of deliverables beyond the scope of the project.

The Art of Storytelling

This chapter provides guidance on the process of engaging end-users as ambassadors to spread the word about the project and reduce stigma about dementia as key pillars of the Dementia in Cultural Mediation initiative.

8.- The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

This chapter analyzes the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, both on the project and on other socio-artistic activities, and concludes with a look to the future.