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Towards the transformation of Social Centres for the Elderly

 Line of Knowledge: Social politics
 Author: Almazán N., Berrios, E., Fernández, L., Mogollón, I., Tomasena, A.
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Actas de Coordinación Sociosanitaria, (33), pp. 12-39.

Article signed by researchers from Matia Instituto in which they address the situation of the Social Centres for the Elderly (CSPM), a particular resource if compared with the European environment, which hosts approximately two thirds of the people over 65 years of age in Spain. Among its functions are the promotion of coexistence, participation and social integration, as well as the provision of means for the development of active ageing.

It is a place of reference that is currently going through a historical moment of crisis (aggravated by the COVID-19 crisis), a change of cycle or generational changeover caused by the demographic transitions that represent a challenge for our societies.

As a result, the Helduak Zabaltzen project was born, which asks what are the reasons that put at risk the social role of the CSPMs through the methodology of participatory action-research with the aim of knowing the reality of these spaces and facilitating the change towards a new model in which they adapt to the needs of the current and future elderly population.