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EH2040: Demography, territory, care, language

 Type: Conference
 Line of Knowledge: Planning and models of care
 Location: Usurbil - Residencia Artzabal

Conference organised by the Basque Summer University (UEU), Jakin and Usurbil Town Council with #ElkarEkin, in which questions such as the following are raised: What will the Basque Country be like in the year 2040? What do the demographic trends tell us? How many people will live? Are we moving towards a society of the elderly? What impact does this have on the care model and on pensions? And on territorial balance? And on Basque? And on the organisation of cities? We need to know what the future is and what we want it to be like in order to anticipate the future.

Among the participants were our colleagues Erkuden Aldaz, co-director of Matia Institute and Maider Azurmendi, head of Community Cooperation, to talk about the local care ecosystem project in Usurbil and housing with care. 


In the light of prospective demography, the aim is to analyse what the Basque Country will be like in 2040 and, in view of this, to reflect on what possibilities we have and how to achieve territorial balance, the revitalisation of the language and the democratisation of welfare policies and models of care and attention.


Erkuden Aldaz
Erkuden Aldaz Co-director - Researcher
Maider Azurmendi Director of Home and Community Care