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Usurbil Care Ecosystem


 Principal investigator:
Irati Mogollón
Maider Azurmendi, Nerea Etxaniz, Erkuden Aldaz

Care ecosystems are based on the development of local experiences that help to create more personalised, flexible and community-based care models, based on social innovation, promoting care at home and improving synergies between the social and health systems. 

In Usurbil, the steps for the collective construction of a care model have begun, which will favour the development of a shared culture of social care, based on innovation and participation. This care model will be built in collaboration with institutions, the care sector and social agents. Thanks to the collaboration of various agents and individuals, the aim is to establish the keys to an innovative care model in the municipality of Usurbil.

This new care ecosystem is based on an innovative project aimed at the elderly that will make people feel at home, from a community perspective, developing a model of care centred on people. In this experimental model, different types of health, social and community services will be connected, guaranteeing continuity of care.

The construction of the new care ecosystem will be based on co-responsibility, participation and transversality, combining the different social sectors and areas of knowledge, in order to offer comprehensive and coordinated responses to cared-for people and the people who carry out the care and to create safe and dignified contexts.


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Usurbilgo Udala

Usurbil zabalik - Usurbil



Project status

In progress


Irati Mogollón Researcher
Maider Azurmendi Head of Community Cooperation
Nerea Etxaniz Researcher
Erkuden Aldaz
Erkuden Aldaz Co-director - Researcher

Line of Knowledge

Collaborating institutions

Usurbil Town Council

Usurbil zabalik - Usurbil