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Training of caregivers in competencies for person-centred care

 Type: Webinar
 Line of Knowledge: Planning and models of care
 Location: Online

Today, an estimated 5 million paid caregivers are needed to care for the elderly in Latin America and the Caribbean. At the rate of population ageing in the region, 14 million will be needed by 2050.

How to move towards more training and professionalisation? This will be the main topic to be addressed in a webinar aimed at disseminating the results of research in the field of training for carers in long-term care centres in Colombia, Costa Rica and Uruguay.

The event will be attended by Enrique Iglesias, President of the IDB; Erkuden Aldaz, co-director at Matia Instituto and one of the co-authors of the publication and Florencia Krall, Director of Care in Uruguay.

The conversation will be in Spanish, with interpretation into English and Portuguese. The connection will be made via zoom, after registration, starting at 17h.


Erkuden Aldaz
Erkuden Aldaz Co-director - Researcher