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A meeting point for sharing knowledge and experiences. A section in which all opinions are welcome. We participate and contribute by sharing our knowledge in different discussion and opinion forums.

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Cartel anunciador cursos de verano de la Universidad de Cantabria
  Date: July 2022
Type: Course
 Professionals: Laura Fernández

This course aims to promote reflection on the care model of the future, to analyse current and future challenges, and to learn about good practices and trends in this field at an international level.

Cartel del curso en Usurbil
  Date: July 2022
Type: Conference
 Professionals: Erkuden Aldaz, Maider Azurmendi

Conference organised by the Basque Summer University (UEU), Jakin and Usurbil Town Council with #ElkarEkin, which aims to analyse what the Basque Country will be like in 2040 and, in view of this, to reflect on what possibilities we have and how to achieve territorial balance, the revitalisation of the language and the democratisation of welfare policies and models of care and attention.

  Date: June 2022
Type: Conference

The next 29 June will be the event to celebrate the 10 years of Euskadi Lagunkoia's trajectory. It will review the experiences and milestones achieved during 10 years of journey and friendliness.

Cartel anunciador: Congreso SEGG
  Date: March 2022
Type: Congress
 Professionals: Mayte Sancho

On 22, 23 and 24 June geriatrics and gerontology will meet at the 62nd National Congress of the SEGG and the 23rd of the SMGG in Madrid to listen to experts who will address the challenge of ageing and which will include new sessions such as expert consultations and controversy on certain topics.

Cartel anunciador: Jornada Mayores en Sociedad
  Date: June 2022
Type: Conference
 Professionals: Juan Albarrán

This conference, organised by the Fundación Patronato Europeo de Mayores (PEM) and the UNATE Torrelavega Headquarters, puts the emphasis on different ways of understanding social participation but, above all, on its impact on society and on the elderly themselves.

  Date: June 2022
Type: Conference
 Professionals: Penélope Castejón

Fundación Caja Navarra has organised a conference at CIVICAN to present its Convive management model for senior citizens' centres.

  Date: May 2022
Type: Webinar
 Professionals: Sara Marsillas, Pura Diaz-Veiga
  Keywords: emotions

"What emotions teach us to live better".