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A meeting point for sharing knowledge and experiences. A section in which all opinions are welcome. We participate and contribute by sharing our knowledge in different discussion and opinion forums.

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 Year: January 2023
Type: Conference
 Professionals: Maider Azurmendi, Erkuden AldazEnrike Etxeberria
Cartel de la charla para ayudar a afrontar el duelo en Navidad
 Year: December 2022
Type: Others

The main objective of this talk is to offer suggestions and help for families who are overcoming grief to cope with Christmas.

Cartel anunciador: Jornada presentación del proyecto "Como en Casa"
 Year: November 2022
Type: Conference
 Professionals: Erkuden Aldaz, Penélope CastejónGerardo Amunarriz

Day of presentation of the project "Como en casa" in the framework of the "CuidAs week" organised by the Consejería de Derechos y Bienestar Social del Principado de Asturias (Regional Ministry of Rights and Social Welfare of the Principality of Asturias).

Cartel anunciador de las charlas: Avanzando hacia una sociedad cuidadora
 Year: October 2022
Type: Others
 Professionals: Nerea Etxaniz, Virginia Oliván

The "Larrain" Association of Elderly People of Barañáin is organising "Conversations on care" which will take place at the Casa de Kultura in Barañain, with the participation of our colleagues Nerea Etxaniz and Virginia Oliván, researchers at the Matia Institute.

Imagen anunciadora de los Premios Fundación Pilares 2022
 Year: September 2022
Type: Conference

In this fifth edition of the awards, the Fundación Pilares para la autonomía personal will recognise the best Best Practices related to the Model of Integrated and Person-Centred Care (AICP) that has been developed and implemented, with the aim of recognising and highlighting the innovation and progress of all those initiatives related to ageing, disability and dependency.